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Laura Boodt

Corporate Communication

Safe Families for Children


Why did you apply to intern at your particular organization? 

I applied to work at this organization because I had previous experience volunteering for the organization and it was very different from where I see myself in the future. I eventually want to work for a large, national nonprofit and this organization is small and faith-based.  

Describe your typical day as an intern. 

On a typical day, I would attend a staff meeting in the morning, then work on the social media accounts. In the afternoons, I would work on long-term projects such as the annual report or a grant.  

What is the hardest aspect of your internship? 

I was the first communications intern that the organization had, so it was difficult to figure out my role at times. 

How has your internship prepared you for your career? 

My internship showed me the skills I need to improve upon for a future career. I learned that there are countless skills to develop and that I should always be learning more. I also learned that the most successful people aren’t always the smartest, the most successful people are the ones who work the hardest.