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Linda Renzulli 2019 was a strong way to finish up this decade for sociology. We hosted scholars from across the country to do our external review. They commented on our “impressive record of new hires, a growing record of research productivity, a high-quality graduate program, and a vibrant and collegial intellectual community.” As you read more in this newsletter you will see that we hired two vibrant colleagues – Danielle Kane and Marcus Mann. Both are contributing to the college initiative in Cornerstone. Dr. Robin Stryker who joined us in 2018 was named Distinguished Professor, the highest honor in the university. Sociology now has three distinguished professors among our ranks. Faculty continue to pursue and are award research grants and are gaining national recognition for their work. Moreover, our graduate and undergraduates continue to impress with their scholarship and engagement. I couldn’t be more proud to lead a group of intellectually engaged scholars at all levels.

We can do more though. We are actively working on expanding our course offerings, graduate classes in methodology, and opening positions for post-doctoral fellowships. In 2019 we received the Lois K Cohen Graduate Education Endowment for Global Heath and will be excited to see our graduate student doing international research on health.

Finally, we congratulate Karen Studebaker for 25 years of service to Purdue and wish her well as she retired in December of 2019. Karen was the Administrative Assistant to the Head for 5 years and served the department of sociology well, helping to recruit new faculty, bring speakers in for visits, and in general keep the trains running. She will be missed. Tammy Crider joined us in August as the new lead administrative assistant and though sad to see Karen go we are thrilled to welcome Tammy to our team. She came to us from Biological Sciences and brings new ideas to our department. The next decade will prove to bring us to new heights. Linda Renzulli's signature

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—The Lois K. Cohen Graduate Education Endowment for Global Health in Sociology—

Lois K. CohenThe primary purpose of the Lois K. Cohen Graduate Education Endowment for Global Health in Sociology is to provide support for graduate students in the Department of Sociology for research, travel, and any other necessary expenses related to their graduate studies.