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Comparative Literature

The Comparative Literature program at Purdue University is housed in the School of Languages and Cultures and offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees.

Comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary program designed for students passionate about cultures, languages, transnational literature, performance studies, music, film, or media studies, seeking a broadened perspective beyond singular cultural traditions. This program cultivates a deep understanding of the intricate connections among diverse cultural expressions. Through an exploration of cultures, arts, and ideas across genres, periods and disciplines, comparative literature refines students’ intellectual, critical, and intercultural skills, equipping them with competencies for an interconnected and globalized world.

Benefiting from faculty expertise across multiple departments, our programs offer personalized study plans for both undergraduates and graduates. Purdue's Comparative Literature faculty have outstanding credentials and show a strong commitment to both research and teaching.

Qualified graduate students at Purdue receive financial support for their studies and research travels. Although teaching assistantships are most often the primary funding source, there exist several grants and fellowships, excellent but competitive opportunities to explore, such as the Andrew/Ross for incoming graduate students, or the Bilsland Fellowship for their final year in completing the dissertation, and ultimately the CLA Dean’s Graduate Student Excellence in Research Grant or the PDE Presidential Doctoral Excellence Award.

 Explore the Purdue University Graduate Studies and the College of Liberal Arts websites for that matter carefully and delve into the diverse and dynamic possibilities that await you at Purdue!