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News and Events

Recent News and Events

  • Congratulations to Dr. Cara Kinnally's for the recent publication on her co-authored book, "Contemporary Colonialities in Mexico & Beyond", by University of Toronto Press.
  • We are celebrating Dr. Catalina Florescu's two new books publication "Borderless Thalia" (2024), and "Female Playwrights and Applied Intersectionality in Romanian Theater" (2023). Both of these books were recently exhibited at the London Book Fair.
  • Dr. Ricardo Quintana- Vallejo (Assistant Professor at Rhode Island College) will be our guest speaker for several events:
    • Screening of Tschick, April 9th, 6:30-9:00pm, SC 239
    • Book presentation "Growing Up in the Gutter: Diaspora & Comics", April 10th, 3:15: 4:20pm, WALC 3090.
    • Presentation about his book chapter on the film Tschick "Children of Globalizacion: Disaporic Coming-of Age Novels in Germany, England, and the United States" (Routledge 2023), April 11th, 10:30-11:20am, SC G02.
  • Dr. Niall Peach presented a guest lecture on Sept 26, 2023
  • Professor Sija Yao presented a guest lecture on Oct 4, 2023
  • Professor Catriona MacLeod (University of Chicago) presented a guest lecture on "Paper Cuts in the 19th Century on April 24, 2023."
  • In July 2023 this book was published Beate I. Allert, Christopher C. Clason, Niall A. Peach, and Ricardo Quintana-Vallejo, (eds), "Alexander von Humboldt: Perceiving the World(Purdue University Press, 2023) 272 pp. ISBN 978-1-61249-829-4. A review of this book by Prof. Laura D. Walls can be read here.
  •  Beate I. Allert presented a paper at  the International Herder Conference in Bueckeburg, Germany Sep 2nd, 2023 on:  "Wer kann die verschiedene Befriedigung verschiedener Sinne in verschiedenen Welten vergleichen? Zur Auseinandersetzung Herders im Streit um Universalgeschichte, Epochenstil und zur abwegigen Idee, die Menschheit 'bilden' zu wollen." It was also inspired by her graduate Comparative Literature seminar CMPL 6500/LC 59500CPE / ENGL 67500CPE "Cosmos: Postcolonial Environmentalism" in Fall 2023 with 7 graduate students.
  • Shaun F. D. Hughes presented at the International Herder Conference in Bueckeburg, Germany, on September 1, 2023 on "Herder and the Politics of Ossian."
  • On Sept 26, 2023 Ching-Jen Sun passed successfully defended his dissertation prospectus (working title of his dissertation :" Process of Nation-Building Reflected in Comparative Cultural and Literary Productions on Historical Crisis Points since the 1850s: Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Nationalist China, and Contemporary Taiwan" and gained ABD status.
  • On Oct 20, 2023 Beate Allert presented at the International Conference on Romanticism on the topic 'Alexander von Humboldt’s “Naturgemälde” and his Approach to Visualizing” in a panel in which also her co-editor and Purdue Alumnus Niall Peach presented a paper (see poster above as in guest lecture at Purdue U) on Alexander von Humboldt.
  • On Oct 21,2023 Shaun Hughes presented at the International Conference on Romanticism in Detroit on "Two Versions of Der Zerbrochene Krug" (1811-1813)."
  •  8. On Oct 22, 2023 Gwénaël Juin presented at the International Conference on Romanticism on the topic: "Victor Hugo's Representation of Paris Sewer in Les  Misérables (1862): A Theory of the Novel."
  • On Dec 17, 2023 Dr. Kristin Leaman, our Comparative Literature Librarian and CMPL affiliate faculty,  was hooded with her completed doctorate degree. Her dissertation topic was: "“Printers, Publishers, and Translators of Ælfric’s Easter Homily in A Testimonie of Antiquitie from 1566-1687.”