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Student Opinion

Rajaa Al Fatima Moini, Ph.D.

Purdue University has exceeded my expectations when it comes to offering an open and encouraging environment for pursuing my research interests. Having arrived at Purdue in the Fall of 2022 from Karachi, Pakistan on a Fulbright fellowship, the faculty has been incredibly supportive of my work and has been present and communicative with feedback, helping me mould my initial research into a robust and lucid thesis that I can share with confidence. While I had reservations about choosing Purdue as a graduate school, given the university’s heavy emphasis on STEM, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming nature of the faculty, as well as my peers in the Department of Comparative Literature.

I have felt comfortable pursuing my passions and have experienced no lack of encouragement. I would not hesitate to recommend the school to prospective students since the environment at Purdue has benefited me very much with the empathy and understanding of its faculty and their openness to new ideas. My research focuses mainly on the literature of South Asia and the Middle East, and I have faced no trouble finding faculty members who are experts in these respective fields of study. With a diverse student body and faculty to match, I have been grateful for the time I have spent at Purdue and for all the ways my department has helped me shape my current research, as well as my future goals within academia and beyond