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Department of English


ENGL 34100 - Topics In Science, Literature, And Culture

This course focuses on issues in and representation of science and technology in various texts, including literature, film, science, and theory. *Note that specific offerings of this course may or may not be related to cognitive approaches. Please check the course listing specific to the semester that you seek to enroll.

ENGL 46900 - Issues In Contemporary Criticism And Theory

Study of recent critical movements and texts. Emphasis on methods of literary analysis, including philosophical, cultural, and formalist approaches. Discussion of, for example, structuralist, psychoanalytic, feminist, Marxist, poststructuralist, and emerging non-Western critical schools.

ENGL 56900 - Contemporary Criticism And Theory

Study of contemporary criticism and theory generally focused on such schools and movements as structuralism, psychoanalysis, poststructuralism, feminism, new historicism, cultural studies, and gay and lesbian studies.

ENGL 57600 (PHIL 576) - Philosophy And Literary Theory

Explores the interchanges between philosophy and literary theory that animate such areas as hermeneutics, phenomenology, existentialism, Marxism, feminism, African-American studies, postmodern theory, and cultural studies. *Again, specific course offerings may or may not be cognitively based, or relevant.

ENGL 58400 - Literature And Psychological Problems

Novels, stories, plays, and other types of literature dealing with important psychological problems. To show how great imaginative writers have treated problems of human relationship with which contemporary psychology is concerned.