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Graduate Alumni of the Purdue Linguistics Program


  • Antonio Martín Gómez: Ph.D., 2020, "Age and input effects in the acquisition of clitic climbing constructions in heritage and second language Spanish." (Professor Cuza)


  • Maria Yakushkina: Ph.D., May 2020, "Language use and Symbolic Transnational Practices: Evidence From 1.5 and Second Generation Cubans in Miami (Professor Olson)

  • Sydney Dickerson: M.A., May 2020, "Second Language Discourse Markers and Study Abroad: The Case of Pues and Bueno in Peninsular Spanish" (Professor Czerwionka)

  • Samet Baydar: M.A., June 2020, "Evaluation of a Visual Feedback Tool for Spelling Errors of the Learners of Japanese During Typing (Professor Hatasa)

  • Mai Takeuchi: Ph.D., July 2020, "Japanese Self-Reference Terms: Japanese Native Speaker Use and the Effects of Pragmatics-Focused Instruction on College-Level Learners of Japanese." (Professor Czerwionka)

  • Ashley Kentner: Ph.D., July 2020, "Examining the syntax and semantics of ASL MORE- and BEAT-constructions" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Heather Offerman: Ph.D., July 2020 "The effects of pronunciation instruction on L2 production and L2 perception in Spanish: A comparative analysis"


  • Eduardo Lustres: M.A., 2018, "The Acquisition of Obligatory and Variable Subjunctive Mood Selection in Temporal and Concessive Clauses in Heritage and L2 Spanish." (Professor Cuza)

  • Aida Garcia: M.A., 2018, "The Acquisition of Aspectual Properties in Reflexive Psych Predicates and Physical Change of State Verb"  (Professor Cuza)

  • Charles R. Bradley: Ph.D., February 2019, "Transparency of Transitivity in Pantomime, Sign Language" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Jenna T. Conklin: Ph.D., May 2019, "The Role of Vowel Harmony in Determining Patterns of Vowel to Vowel" (Professors Niepokuj and Dmitrieva)

  • Neda Taherkhani: Ph.D., May 2019 "A Syntactic Analysis of Motion Predicates in Southern Tati (Takestani Dialect)" (Professor Benedicto)

  • Brittlea Jernigan-Hardrick: M.A., " July 2019, "'Sis, We BIN Knew': A Syntactic Analysis of the Remote Past in African American English" (Professor Roberts)


  • Jian Jiao: M.A., 2017, "The acquisition of Spanish Differential Marking in Chinese-speaking L2 learners." (Professor Cuza) 

  • Nancy Reyes: M.A., 2017, "The acquisition of Ser/Estar distinctions in Spanish/English bilingual Children." (Professor Cuza)

  • Cézar A. Medeiros Ponti: Ph.D., 2017 "The role of explicit and implicit instruction in the L2 acquisition of Differential Object Marking in Spanish. (Professor Cuza)


  • Julio César López Otero: M.A., 2016, "Bilingualism effects at the syntax-semantics interface: Evidence from the Spanish Present Tense." (Professor Cuza) 

  • Lauren Miller: Ph.D., 2016, "The Acquisition of Bare Nominals by Three Populations of Spanish-English Bilingual Adults." (Professor Cuza)

  • Yi-hui Chen: Ph.D., August 2016, “Effects of Age of Learning, Family, and Social Environment on Attitude and Proficiency in EFL among Taiwanese Adults” (Professor Roberts)

  • Wenfeng Li: Ph.D., August 2016, “A Historical and Sociolinguistic Approach to Language Change in Mandarin Chinese: Corpus Evidence for the Development of YOU-MEI-YOU” (Professors Fukada and Sundquist)

  • Wai Ling Law: Ph.D., April 2017, " The effects of social and experiential factors on the interactions between the phonetic systems of diglossic bilinguals: (Professor Francis)

  • Joshua Perry, M.A, April 2017, “The Production and Perception of Optional Persistent Tone 3 Sandhi as a Social Variable in Mandarin Chinese” (Professor Niepokuj)


  • Aleksandra Kasztalska:  Ph.D., August 2015, "The Role of World Englishes in Supporting International Teaching Assistants' Professional Identity and Development" (Professor Berns)

  • Tsz Kwan (Charles) Lam: Ph.D., August 2015, "Understanding What Verb Phrases and Adjective Phrases Have in Common: Evidence from Mandarin Alternations" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Yuanyuan Wang: Ph.D., August 2015, "Asymmetry of Onsets and Codas in Language Acquisition: Implications for Phonological Theories" (Professor Seidl)

  • Mengxi Lin: Ph.D., December 2015, “The Relationship between Acoustic Features of Second Language Speech and Listener Evaluation of Speech Quality” (Professor A. Francis)

  • Amelia Shettle: M.A., December 2015, “Influences on Native American Language Revitalization in the U.S.: Ideology and Culture” (Professor Benedicto)

  • Soohwan Park: Ph.D., May 2016, “Measuring Fluency: Temporal Variables and Pausing Patterns in L2 English Speech” (Professor Ginther)


  • Xiao Yang: M.A., August 2014, "Relationship Between Holistic Rating of Chinese ESL Speakers' Monologue Responses to Question Prompts in Placement Testing & Their Lexical Frequency Profiles." (Professor Roberts)

  •  Ruochen Li: M.A., December 2014, "Chinese Undergraduate Students' Preference for Chinese Teaching Assistants and American Teaching Assistants in the U.S. Context" (Professor Roberts)

  • Jenna T. Conklin: M.A., April 2015, "The Interaction of Gradient & Categorical Processes of Long-Distance Vowel-to-Vowel Assimilatin in Kazan Tatar" (Professor Niepokuj)

  • Ethan C. Myers: M.A., May 2015, "Shanghainese Sentence Final Particles: Navigating the Left Periphery" (Professor E. Francis)


  • Mariluz Ortiz: M.A., 2013, "The bilingual acquisition of DOM in child and heritage Spanish." (Professor Cuza)

  • Lauren Miller: M.A., 2013, "The acquisition of tense and aspect in heritage Spanish." (Professor Cuza)

  • Charles Bradley: M.A., August 2013, “Motion Events and Event Segmentation in American Sign Language” (Professor Ronnie Wilbur)

  • Kadir Gokgoz: Ph.D., August 2013, "The Nature of Object Marking in American Sign Language" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Ashley Kentner: M.A., April 2014, "Event structure of resultatives in ASL" (Professor Wilbur)


  • Arnold Gamboa: M.A. 2012, "The L2 acquisition of Spanish gender among English-speaking L2 learners." (Professor Cuza)

  • Elizabeth Barajas: M.A., 2012,  "The L2 acquisition of definite and bare plurals in Spanish-speaking learners of English L2." (Professor Cuza)

  • J. Mitchell Sances: M.A., August 2012, "'Liaison sans enchainement': An acoustic and frequency pilot study" (Professor Niepokuj)

  • Chun Zheng: M.A., August 2012, "Path Verbs of Motion in SwTawWe Serial Verb Construction" (Professor Benedicto)

  • Alyson Eggleston: Ph.D., December 2012, "Spatial Reference in Sumu-Mayangna, Nicaraguan Spanish, & Barcelona Spanish" (Professor Benedicto)

  • Charlotte N. Winston: M.A., May 2013, "Psychological Verb Constructions in American Sign Language" (Professor Wilbur)


  • Mara Barbosa: M.A. 2011, "Null objects in English L1/Portuguese L2 bilinguals." (Professor Cuza)

  • Joshua Frank: M.A., 2011,  "The acquisition of double-que questions in heritage Spanish." (Professor Cuza)

  • Carolina Gonzalez: Ph.D., August 2011, "Perception of Prosody in American Sign Language" (Professor Brentari)

  • Sung Kyung Park:   Ph.D., August 2011, "The Acquisition of Wh-questions & Auxiliary Movement by Korean-English Bilingual Children" (Professor Benedicto)

  • Gregory A. Bowen: M.A., December 2011, “Politeness and Courtesy in Malory’s Pronouns of Address” (Professor Niepokuj)

  •  Angela M. T. Ott: M.A., December 2011, "Prominence in Gesture and Speech: A Cross-linguistics Study" (Professor Brentari)

  •  Amanda A. Shultz: M.A., December 2011, "Individual Differences in Cue Weighting of Stop Consonant Voicing in Perception and Production" (Professor A. Francis)

  • Maryana Bendus:  Ph.D., May 2012, "The Semantics and Pragmatics of Translating Culture-Bound References in Film Dubbing" (Professor Raskin)

  • Ayman R. Yasin: Ph.D., May 2012, "Syntax-Prosody Interface: Evidence from Wh-Movement in Jordanian Arabic and Egyptian Arabic" (Professor Wilbur)


  • Cezar Medeiros: M.A. 2010, "Contextual guessing and dictionary use in the L2 acquisition of vocabulary in Portuguese." (Professor Cuza)

  • Amanda Strickland: M.A., August 2010, "'Sounding White': African-American Attitudes toward "Whiteness" in the Speech of African-Americans" (Professor Roberts)

  • Debarchana Basu: Ph.D., December 2010, "Syntax-semantics Issues for Multiple Event Clauses in Bangla (Bengali)" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Wei Zhang: Ph.D., December 2010, "Non-Native Speakers Speak in Phonemes: A Phono-Acoustic Analysis of Fricatives and Affricates by Native and Chinese Speakers of English" (Professor A. Francis)

  • Baseel AlBzoor: Ph.D., May 2011, "Semantic & Pragmatic Failure in Translating Literary Texts: Translators' Inconsistency and/or Textual Resistance" (Professor Raskin)

  • Naser Naif AlBzour: Ph.D., May 2011, "Semio-Pragmatic Analysis of Cartoons Discourse: A Step towards Semiotranslation" (Professor Raskin)

  • Aleksandra Kasztalska: M.A., May 2011, "Language Biases in the U.S. Media's Portrayal of Immigrants" (Professor Brown) 


  • Natasha Sutton: M.A., August 2009, "Polysemy of the Term 'shit' in Hip Hop Lyrics" (Professor Roberts)

  •  Jie Zhang: M.A., December 2009, "Scripts for Metaphor" (Professor Raskin)

  • George Wolford: M.A., August 2009, "Handshape Variation in Classifier Constructions: A Cross-linguistic Study" (Professor Wilbur)

  •  Ricard Vinas I de Puig: Ph.D., August 2009, "The Argument of Experience: Experience Predicates & Argument Structure in Catalan & Mayangna" (Professor Benedicto)

  •  Whitney Vandiver: M.A., August 2009, "An Inference-based Model of Restricted Context Formation in Spoken Language Comprehension" (Professor Raskin); Ph.D., May 2011, "A Semantic Analysis of Quantification in English" (Professor Raskin)

  • Danielle Reindl: M.A., August 2009, "Prosodic Features of a Spanish Ludling" (Professor Niepokuj)

  • Hana Al Ameri: M.A., December 2009, "The Phonological Description of Emirati Arabic" (Professor Brentari)

  • Marie A. Nadolske: Ph.D., December 2009, "Mastering the Pressures of Variation: A Cognitive Linguistic Examination of Advanced Hearing ASL L2 Signers" (Professor Brentari)

  • Melanie E. Lotz: M.A., May 2010, "Emotional Expression: A Cross-Linguistics Study" (Professor Roberts)

  • Liubov Shafirovich: M.A., May 2010, "Syllabic Liquids in Slavic Languages with Focus on Russian and Bulgarian" (Professor Channon)

  • Elizabeth A. Strong: Ph.D., May 2010, "Topics & Talking Topically: An Assessment of Syntactic & Discourse Approaches to Topic Through Evidence from Multiple Simultaneous Conversations" (Professor Roberts)

  • Katharine L. Watson: M.A., May 2010, "WH- Questions in American Sign Language: contributions of non-manual marking to structure and meaning" (Professor Wilbur) 


  • Elizabeth Benecki: M.A., August 2008, "A Descriptive Linguistic Analysis of Three Suffixes Used in Computer

  • Maria Kondaurova:  Ph.D., December 2008, "Training to Ignore vs. Training to Attend: The Distribution of Selective Attention in the Acquisition of Foreign Phonetic Contrast" (Professor A. Francis)

  • Engin Arik: Ph.D., May 2009, "Spatial Language: Insights from Sign & Spoken Languages" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Maria Kondaurova:  Ph.D., December 2008, "Training to Ignore vs. Training to Attend: The Distribution of Selective Attention in the Acquisition of Foreign Phonetic Contrast" (Professor A. Francis)

  • Sung Kyung Park: M.A., December 2008, "The Acquisition of the English Article System by Advanced Korean Learners of English" (Professor Benedicto) 

  • Yin Ling Cheung: Ph.D., May 2009, "Publishing in Refereed Journals: Perceptions, Challenges & Strategies (Professor Silva)

  • Alejandrina Cristia: Ph.D., May 2009, "Individual Variation in Infant Speech Processing: Implications for Language Acquisition Theories (Professor Seidl)

  •  Carly K. Houston: M.A., May 2009, "Participation Roles in Free Indirect Discourse" (Professor Raskin)

  • Jason Overfelt: M.A., May 2009, "The Syntax of Relative Clause Constructions in Tigrinya" (Professor Benedicto)

  • Maryana Bendus: M.A., August 2009, "Issues in Lexical Acquisition of the Ukrainian Language" (Professor Raskin) 


  • Natalya Kaganovich: Ph.D., August 2007, "Interaction Between Talker's Voice, Linguistic Information, and Attention Deficit Speech Perception" (Professor A. Francis)

  • Natalya Kaganovich: Ph.D., August 2007, "Interaction Between Talker's Voice, Linguistic Information, and Attention Deficit Speech Perception" (Professor A. Francis)

  • Mediated Communication" (Professor Niepokuj)

  • Petra Eccarius: Ph.D., May 2008, "A Constraint-based Account of Handshape Contrast in Sign Languages" (Professor Brentari)

  • Donovan Grose: Ph.D., May 2008, "The Geometry of Events: Evidence of English and ASL" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Maxim Petrenko: Ph.D., May 2008, "Narrative Joke: Conceptual Structure and Linguistic Manifestation" (Professor Raskin)

  • Yanhong Zhang: Ph.D., May 2008, "Production and Perception of English Lexical Stress by Native Mandarin Speakers" (Professor A. Francis)


  • Kathryn L. Hansen: Ph.D., August 2006, "Recombinant Features for the Movements of American Sign Language" (Professor Anderson)

  • Kazuaki Nakazawa: Ph.D., August 2006, "Efficacy and Effects of Various Types of Teacher Feedback on Student Writing in Japanese" (Professor Wei)

  • Xiaoju Zheng: M.A., August 2006, "Voice Quality Change as a Function of Focus in Mandarin" (Professor Brentari)

  • Alejandrina Cristia: M.A., December 2006, "Speech Sound Categories in Language Acquisition and Learning" (Professor Seidl) 

  • Charles Smith: M.A., May 2007, "'Almost' in ASL: Insights into Event Structure" (Professor Wilbur)


  • Evguenia Malaia: Ph.D., August 2005, "Digital Identity Management Domain for Ontological Semantics: Domain Acquisition Methodology and Practice" (Professor Raskin)

  • Jennifer Cramer: M.A., May 2006, "The Language of Chat: An Analysis of English Usage in French Chat Rooms" (Professor Berns)

  •  Olga Krachina: M.A., May 2006, "Ontology-Based Inference Methods" (Professor Raskin)

  • Cuneyt Taskiran: M.A., May 2006, "Descriptive Text Analysis Using Language Models and Dependency Grammars for Author Attribution and Stenganalysis" (Professor Raskin)


  • Debarchana Basu: M.A., May 2005, "Verb Compounds in Bangla: An Event Based Analysis" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Maki Hirotani: Ph.D., May 2005, "The Effects of Synchronous and Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) on the Development of Oral Proficiency among Novice Learners of Japanese" (Professor Fukada)

  • Dina Mohammed: Ph.D., May 2005, "Extending Ontological Semantics for the Domain of Tourism: The Case of Egypt as a Destination" (Professor Raskin)


  • Donovan Grose: M.A., December 2003, "Perfect Tenses in American Sign Language: Nonmanually Marked Compound Tenses" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Benjamin Wachs: M.A., December 2003, "Invective as Opposed to Insult: Dual-Mode Communication Manifest in Structure and Use" (Professor Raskin)

  • Maria Kondaurova: M.A., May 2004, "Cross-Language Perception of Phonetic Categories" (Professor A. Francis) 

  • Katharina Schalber: M.A., May 2004, "Phonological Visibility of Event Structure in Austrian Sign Language - A Comparison of ASL and OGS" (Professor Wilbur)

  • Julija Televnaja: Ph.D., May 2004, "Lexical Acquisition and Semantic Representation of English Phrasal Verbs in Ontological Semantics" (Professor Raskin)

  • Katrina Triezenberg: M.A., May 2004, "New Philology: A Call for (Inter)Disciplinary Action" (Professor Raskin); Ph.D., August 2006, "The Ontology of Emotion" (Professor Raskin)


  •  Aubrey Thamann: M.A., August 2002, "Self-Naming Rituals in U.S. American Culture" (Professor Anderson)

  • Seiko Horibe: Ph.D., December 2002, "The Output Hypothesis and Cognitive Processes: An Examination via Acquisition of Japanese Temporal Subordinate Conjunctions" (Professor Berns)

  • Tamara Alibasic: M.A., May 2003, "Pronominal System in Croatian Sign Language" (Professor Wilbur)

  •  Christian Hempelmann: Ph.D., May 2003, "Paranomasic Puns: Target Recoverability towards Automatic Generation" (Professor Raskin)

  • Natalya Kaganovich: M.A., May 2003, "Measuring English Speakers' Consistency in Assigning Stress to Nonsense Words: Testing Linguistic Theory" (Professor Niepokuj) 

  • Ninoslava Sarac: M.A., May 2003, "Questions in Croatian Sign Language" (Professor Wilbur)


  • David Neyhart: M.A., 2002, "Online Tutoring in Writing Centers: A Pilot Survey Comparing Face-to-Face and Online Tutoring of Student Writers" (Professor Silva)

  •  Linda Crossley: M.A., 2002 (Professor Brentari)

  • Stacy L. Carr: M.A., December 2001, "Stage-Level vs. Individual-Level Predicates: An Analysis of Zero Copula in African American English, and Absence of Copula in Normally Developing Standard American English, and Standard American English in SLI" (Professor Benedicto)

  • Robin Shay: M.A., December 2001, "Grammaticalization and Lexicalization: Analysis of Fingerspelling" (Professor Brentari)

  • Petra Eccarius: M.A., May 2002, "Finding Common Ground: A Comparison of Handshape Across Multiple Sign Languages" (Professor Brentari) 

  •  Linda Crossley: M.A., 2002 (Professor Brentari)

  • Robin Shay: M.A., December 2001, "Grammaticalization and Lexicalization: Analysis of Fingerspelling" (Professor Brentari)


  • Aya Matsuda: Ph.D., 2000, "Japanese Attitudes toward English: A Case Study of High School Students" (Professor Berns)


  • Youngmi Yun: M.A. 1999, "English in Korea: A Sociolinguistic Profile and its Pedagogical Implications"

  • David Johnson: 1999, "Different Expectations: An Ethnography of an Adult ESL Program for a University-linked International Population" (Professor Berns)

  • Sandra K. Wood: M.A., December 1999, "Semantic and Syntactic Aspects of Negation in ASL" (Professor Wilbur)


  • Sara Jayne Shelton: Ph.D., 1997, "Coreference: An Ontological Semantic Approach" (Professor Raskin)