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Emily Allen - Nineteenth-century British narrative

Dorsey Armstrong - Arthurian literature

Robyn Bartlett - Chaucer, Gower, Hoccleve; late medieval religious literature and material culture

Kristina Bross - Colonial and Early American literatures

Angelica Duran - British Literature; 16th-century and 17th-century literature, natural philosophy/science, and educational reforms, with special interest in Milton, Shakespeare, Spenser, Sidney, Herbert, Bunyan, and Donne

John Duvall - Twentieth-century American fiction

Dino Felluga - British Literature, nineteenth-century literature (especially poetry), media studies, and critical theory

Wendy Flory - American literature

Geraldine Friedman - Late Eighteenth-century and Romantic British literature

Sandor Goodhart - Dramatic literature

Shaun Hughes - Old Norse/Icelandic and Early Modern Icelandic literature and culture

Michael Johnston - Medieval romance and manuscript studies

Robert Lamb - American fiction 1791-1955

Maren Linett - Modern British fiction and Anglo-American modernism

Alfred Lopez - Postcolonial literature

Christopher Lukasik - Eighteenth and nineteenth Century American literature; Visual theory and culture

Robert Marzec - Contemporary British and Postcolonial literature

Daniel Morris - Twentieth-century American literature and poetry

Derek Pacheco - Nineteenth-century American literature; Children's literature

Nancy Peterson - Contemporary American literature and postmodern theory

Arkady Plotnitsky - Theory and Cultural studies

Manushag (Nush) Powell - British literature of the long Eighteenth Century; pirates

Aparajita Sagar - Urban space, domensticity and cultural commodities in Africa and South Asia

Ryan Schneider - American literature

Paul White - Theatrical patronage and religion/theatre relations in Renaissance England