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Literature, Theory, Cultural Studies: A New Program at Purdue!

In Spring 2017, the faculty of the English department voted to combine the previously separated fields of Literary Studies and Theory and Cultural Studies (TCS) into one cohesive program—the newly minted Literature, Theory, Cultural Studies (LTC) program.

LTC offers both MA and PhD degrees, and all admitted students receive full funding as TAs, RAs, or research fellows. Flexible plans of study allow coverage in conventional literary-historical areas as well as exposure to newly emerging critical and theoretical fields. LTC is a nimble, forward-looking program that values the archival alongside the digital; readings both close and far (or symptomatic and surface); and makes room for the new methods that keep alive our love of literature and its study.

LTC is home to the largest number of faculty in the English department, offers an unmatched diversity of course offerings, and perhaps there is no better testament to our historical and methodological breadth than the fact that we are proud to host the top-ranked but otherwise highly different journals MFS Modern Fiction Studies and Arthuriana.

Please note: students who matriculated in Fall 2017 and earlier are not affected by these changes and can consult their advising professors or Professor Powell with any questions.

Within LTC program, students specialize in any of four main areas, while acquiring breadth in all of them:

  • Medieval & Early Modern Studies
  • Transatlantic & Early Atlantic Studies (17th – 19th centuries)
  • 20th- & 21st-Century Literary Studies
  • Theory & Cultural Studies

For more information regarding the LTC graduate program, contact the English department’s graduate director, Aparajita Sagar.