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Ross-Lynn Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Vice President for Research has made available, through the Ross-Lynn program, funds for hiring postdoctoral fellows. These fellows will generate publications and grant applications that will add to Purdue’s AAU rankings. We invite each CLA department to submit one proposal for hiring a postdoctoral fellow for two years.

The proposal should justify the position, which will be compatible with both the college and departmental strategic research goals. The postdoctoral fellow must work with a specific lab or faculty member. A short list of the most suitable labs and/or faculty members should be provided. Appropriate justifications of fit and merit for hosting the postdoctoral researchers are necessary. A description of duties and outcomes (papers, grants, etc.) focused on AAU-compatible metrics should be provided alongside a timeline of accomplishments.

The proposal should include a distinct one-page-long mentoring plan. It should name the faculty member(s) that will mentor the post-doctoral fellow, the collaborative activities they will engage in, the types of mentoring offered, self-assessment and assessment procedures, and feedback mechanisms. We will collect the proposals via THIS FORM.

The CLA Dean’s office will select up to two proposals. The winning departments will then launch a search for internal and external candidates. The candidates selected by the departments will be submitted to the dean for final approval.

The positions are expected to start in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 and last two fiscal years. The Ross-Lynn program will support the first fiscal year of the fellowship at a minimal rate of $65,250.00 ($60,000.00 salary plus $5,250.00 benefits). Departments should provide the funds for the second year.

Departments may offer a higher salary, provided it covers the difference for both years. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to CLA administration at Thank you and best of luck!