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Gender Inclusive Learning Community

Purdue's Gender Inclusive Learning Community provides a safe living environment while providing valuable learning with others in the community.

Christopher Munt                                                        Headshot of Christopher Munt

Dr. Christopher D. Munt is a lecturer in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, where he teaches courses supporting the LGBTQ Studies minor within the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program and coordinates the Gender Inclusive Residential Learning Community. In the Division of Diversity & Inclusion, he serves full-time as an Inclusive Excellence Specialist, focusing on the development and facilitation of curricula and training on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. He holds a PhD in American Studies from Purdue University, where he completed an archival research project examining the history of gay bathhouses in the United States from the late 19th century to the early 21st century. A member of the American Men’s Studies Association, the American Studies Association, the GLBT Historical Society and the American Historical Association of Germans from Russia, Munt is committed to interdisciplinary queer feminist and antiracist research and scholarship examining the tensions between identity and practice. Off-campus, Dr. Munt serves on the Programs, Services, and Advocacy Committee of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and as co-chair of the 2021 Diversity Roundtable Summit.

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