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The African American Culture: Philosophy Award

The African American Studies and Research Center at Purdue University is devoted to the theoretical and practical encouragement of themes of identity and community as they pertain to the African American experience. To foster dialogue on these issues, the Center has sponsored annual conferences devoted to critical discussion of the development and implementation of concepts of community and identity.

In that regard, the African American Culture and Philosophy Award has been created in honor of a scholar who has devoted their work to the clarification and development of critical issues in African American Culture and Philosophy that have contributed to intellectual and social community building.

The award recognizes work that critically challenges our society's assumptions of what it means to be human, as well as work that compels reevaluation of methodological assumptions involved in the study of communal experiences in the African American context. in addition to scholarship, the African American Studies and Research Center recognizes that such work can also include a career of service to the African American Community.

The award is presented annually during the African American Culture and Philosophy Symposium.


2018 Dr. Greg Carr
2016 Dr. Abdul Alkalimat
2015 Not Awarded
2014 Dr. Alondra Nelson
Dr. Houston Baker
2011 Dr. Kim D. Butler & Dr. Gwendolyn Midlo-Hall
2010 Not Awarded
2009 Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn
2008 Joint Symposium No Award 
2007 Joint Symposium No Award 
2006 Not Awarded 
2005 The Purdue Black Caucus of Faculty and Staff 
2004 Delores Aldridge, Sociology & African American Studies and James Stewart, Economics & African American Studies 
2003 Joint Symposium, No Award 
2002 Leonard Harris 
2001 Charles Mills 
2000 Darlene Clark Hine, History/African American Studies 
1999 Jesse Taylor, Philosophy/African American Studies 
1998 Not Awarded 
1997 Joy Ann James, Political Science/African American Studies 
1996 William R. Jones, Political Science/African American Studies

Karen J. Lillard

The Karen J. Lillard Award was named for Karen J. Lillard, Lafayette, Indiana, clerical staff at Purdue University from 1975 to 1992. The award, first presented in 1993, was "For Distinction in Staff Contributions to Purdue University's African American Studies and Research Center's Spirit of Excellence and Community Cooperation."

The award has been discontinued due to a lack of funding, but we do wish to continue to recognize previous recipients.


Matilda Stokes, Administrative Assistant, African American Studies and Research Center

Community Times Newspaper

Sarah Rounds Price, Deceased - Foods Service Manager - Purdue Memorial Union

Donna Hall, Operations Manager Retired, Black Cultural Center

Edna Fox, Receptionist Retired - African American Studies and Research Center

H.H. Remmers Memorial Award

Since 1985-86, the African American Studies and Research Center has coordinated the identification of an annual recipients(s) for the Remmers Award. This award has been made possible through the H.H. Remmers Memorial Fund established in 1969 to honor Dr. Remmers who had been head of the Division of Educational Reference and a member of the Psychology Department. The Remmers family had stipulated that the income from the fund be used to assist "Afro-Americans who are pursuing graduate study in the social sciences, men and women, providing the amount of $500.00 per calendar year." In 1998, the family graciously agreed that the award be increased to $1000.00 each for an Afro-American doctoral and masters student level. In addition to the two 1993-94 recipients, the program will also honor our 1992-93 doctoral recipient who was not selected until after last year's event. Each year, the selection committee solicits nominations from the heads of the social science departments, including Communications, Psychological Sciences, Political Sciences, Sociology/Anthropology, and Audiology/Speech Sciences. Nomination criteria include consistent and outstanding academic progress as well as academic, professional, and leadership potential.


Breeah Carey, Speech, Languages and Hearing

Courtney Griffin - Oliver, Psychology Department
Jasmine Jackson, Political Science Department
Ariel Smith, American Studies

2017 No Award
LaTasha Swanson, Brian Lamb School of Communications
Courtney Griffin-Oliver, Psychology Department

2015 H.H. Remmers Award Winners
Sharonda Woodford, Political Science Department

2014 H.H. Remmers Award Winners
Shavonne Shorter, Brian Lamb School of Communications
Marilouise Jones, Psychology Department

2013 H.H. Remmers Award Winners
Theon Hill, Brian Lamb School of Communications
Candrianna Clem, Sociology Department

2012 H.H. Remmers Award Winners
Amber Landers, Department of Psychological Sciences-Doctoral Level
Daphne Penn, Department of Sociology- Master's Level
(Pictured below with Dr. Irwin Weiser, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts)





Dwaine Jengelley, Department of Political Science
Tyrell Connor, Department of Sociology


Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell, Department of Psychological Sciences
Laurent Wrzesinski, Department of Political Science


John E. Spruill III Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Andrea Stokes, Department of Communications

Nakia Collins Tamora Callands 
Masters Candidate Ph.D Candidate

Adrienne Carter-Sowell Candace Best 
Masters candidate Ph.D Candidate

Damion Waymer, Communications 
Kimberly Usher, Psychological Sciences

Recent Faculty Publications

Dr. Sandra Barnes

Barnes, Sandra L. Subverting the Power of Prejudice: Resources for Individual and Social Change(InterVarsity Press: 2006) Buy it now 

Barnes, Sandra. The Cost of Being Poor: A Comparative Study of Life in Poor Urban Neighborhoods in Gary, Indiana (SUNY Press: 2005). Buy it now

Dr. Venetria K. Patton

Patton, Venetria K. Background readings for Teachers of American Literature(Bedford/St. Martin's 2006) Buy it now

Dr. Antonio Tillis

Dr. Antonio Tillis is the author of "Manuel Zapata Olivella and the 'Darkening' of Latin American Literature" 
Click here to buy the book