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Disability Studies

Course Offerings

Spring 2023

ANTH 21000 Technology and Culture: Professor Cromer
ANTH 34000 
Global Perspectives on Health:  any instructor
ANTH 38400 
Designing Technology for People:  Professor Briller
ENGL 43900  
Topics in Disability Studies: Disability Literature:  Professor Linett
ASL 28000  
The American Deaf Community:  Professor Borkowski
IE 49000/BME 49500 
Grand Challenges in Accessibility: Professor Duerstock
HONR 29900 
 Modern Eugenics:  Professor Tehrani


Fall 2022

CDIS 23900 Introduction to Disability Studies: Jason Abad
HIST 48005 History of Madness and the Asylum:  Professor Pitts
ANTH 34000  Global Health:  any instructor
ANTH 38400  Designing Technology for People:  Professor Briller
IE 59000  Assistive Technology Practice: Professor Duerstock

Spring 2022

ANTH 21000-001 Technology and Culture: Risa Cromer
ANTH 34000 Global Perspectives on Health:  any section
ANTH 38400-002  Designing Technolgoy for People:  Sherylynn Briller
ASL 28000-006  The American Deaf Community:  Sharon Borkowski
ENGL 43900-002  Topics in Disability Studies: Bodies and Cultures: Maren Linett
IE 49000-004/BME 49000-004  Grand Challenges in Accessibility:  Brad Duerstock


Minor Requirements

12 Credit Hours

Students must take

  • CDIS 239, Introduction to Disability Studies

 and choose 9 credit hours from the following list:

  • ENGL 439: Topics in Disability Studies*

  • ANTH 392: Anthropology of Disability

  • ANTH 340: Global Health

  • ANTH 592: Anthropology of Aging

  • HIST 302: Sex, Race, and Science**

  • HIST 48005: History of Madness and the Asylum

  • ASL 280: American Deaf Community: Language, Culture, and Society

  • IE 590-AT: Assistive Technology Practice

  • HIST 363: History of Medicine and Public Health


* May be repeated for credit if the course covers sufficiently different material. Check with the instructor or the director of Critical Disability Studies.

** This is a variable topics course. This course number will count for the CDIS minor only when it has the title listed here or sufficiently relevant content. Check with the instructor or the director of Critical Disability Studies.