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Highlights from our program, including student and faculty exhibitions, events, and more!

Assistant Professor Jennifer Scheuer is a recipient of the DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award by The Arts Council of Indianapolis.

September 1, 2022

Dehaan artist of distinction award

Congratulations to Jennifer Scheuer, Assistant Professor of printmaking in the Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance, who is a recipient of the Arts Council of Indianapolis DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award. Jennifer's work features themes of history, plants, the body, and healing. This award will allow Jennifer to focus her creative practice in exploration of artist books.

The DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award program supports up to six contemporary visual artists annually with grants of up to $10,000 each for aspirational projects and an exhibition of their work at Gallery 924 at Indy Arts Council.⁠  (Cited from @artscouncilindy Instagram).  (read more)

Jennifer scheuer dehaan artist award

Art and Science Exhibition

Associate Professors Dr. Shannon McMullen (Art and Design and American Studies) and Fabian Winkler (Art and Design) exhibit their installation Algorithmic Gardening at the 5th International Art and Science Exhibition in the National Museum in Beijing, China from Nov. 2 -30, 2019. The installation combines plant/robot hybrids and artistic speculation on farm futures driven by AI algorithms and dexterous robots.



Open Studio Night Fall 2018

Friday November 30, 5pm to 9pm

Forest Products Building, 2nd Floor

Graduate students from our Studio Arts MFA programs will be showcasing their work. 


Purdue Artist Collective interview on ART TAP

Monday, November 19, 2018

Some of Integrated Studio Arts’ first year graduate students have created their own collective (Purdue Artist Collective) and were interviewed on ART TAP, a local podcast. ART TAP episode 064.


"My work is heavily influenced by the absurdity of daily life. Television, the Internet,current events, and technology are part of this absurdity. Images from the media, many of them iconic, become the set up to my visual punch line. I am simultaneously skeptical and celebratory of popular culture and mass media".


"My work stems from a fascination with the innocuous events and articles, which I have experienced and encountered throughout my life; from discarded product packaging."

"My work stems from a fascination with the innocuous events and articles, which I have experienced and encountered throughout my life; from discarded product packaging."


"Visual images influence the psychological frame work upon which identity is established; particularly the images that one sees of him or herself or those that are representative of their community. With this sensitivity to the importance of visual images in mind, I use the female figure to challenge past notions of identity concerning the black female body, deconstruct them, and resurrect an ideology grounded in positivity. My work is an investigation of the point where the notions of race, identity, and beauty intersect concerning women of African descent. In this exploration, women, those with whom I have personal and virtual interactions, play a role that is paramount, making them the source of my inspiration and an integral part of my creative process. "

[re]connect Postmodern Documentary Photography Documentary

Photography has long been perceived as a depiction of reality and truth. This form of photography was thought to be less of an art or expression of an idea, and more of a technical process of capturing the reality of a moment, an experience, or a situation. But the advent of the digital technology age in which images are constantly being manipulated, and the development of "in-between" genres, have made this simple perception inadequate. The symposium, to take place at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, will include lectures and panel discussions by internationally recognized artists and art historians addressing the current trends in all or some of the following topics in postmodern documentary photography: Documentary Form, Documentary Subject Matter, Self Representation as New Reality, Challenging Ethical Norms, Digital Manipulation, Re-enactments, and Appropriation. It will seek to gain richer understanding of as well as to define what postmodern documentary photography is.