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Featured Graduate Works

These featured works showcase a broad perspective of integrated studio arts inquiries and solutions. The program allows students to further their research interests and to refine their own creative processes.

Oren Darling

Salvaged Narratives: War, Family, and Memory This installation explores the transformative, or liminal, space between two contrasting narratives about war through a combination of audio, text, generative sculpture, and photographs. Spanning pre-war, war, and post-war periods of the 1940s, Salvaged Narratives traces the journey of a young man from newlywed to navy salvage diver to a father forever haunted by his memories of war.

Onur Yazicigil

Lindsay McCormick

Break Rooms | Break Rooms is a survey of leisure in communal workspaces. Through a documentary photo series and interactive sculpture, the project examines how personalization of utilitarian space and a sense of community can enable momentary departure from work. The innate perspectives regarding ownership of space and performance, in parallel with leisure identity, are the focus of my research as an artist.

Lindsay McCormick

Alejandra Carrillo-Muñoz

Mechanical Assembly | This work is part of Alejandra Carrillo-Muñoz’s MFA thesis, which explores contemporary fashion through a focus on garment consumption and production processes in the context of a globalized society. At the same time, this thesis explores ways that North American fashion designers can cultivate ethical and reciprocal collaborations with artisans around the world. Additionally, it questions our current fashion education system and calls for further implementation of critical pedagogies within fashion courses that will foster responsible, collaborative design. Design, art, and anthropological methods are integral components to this socially sustainable approach to fashion.

Yvette Perullo