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Approved Texts

Excepting English 106–I, every ICaP course must be assigned a rhetoric—a textbook which facilitates the explicit writing instruction necessary to achieve the learning outcomes for our courses. We want ICaP instructors to select texts which fit their teaching philosophies and dovetail with their research agendas. At the same time, we need to offer students consistent experiences which help them achieve course outcomes.

The following textbooks have been approved by the Introductory Writing Committee for use in any face-to-face section of introductory composition. Instructors can seek approval for a textbook not on this list — as a one-semester pilot to be considered for general use in the future. Please consult the piloting policy for more information on this process.

All Approved Texts


The Introductory Writing Committee requires instructors teaching composition online (106DIST) to teach using an ebook version from the list of approved texts for ENGL 106/108 or a digital learning platform version of their chosen text. Textbooks must be available digitally (ebook or etext). Instructors teaching online will be provided with additional resources and training for making the most of digital learning platforms. Approved digital textbook platforms for 106DIST are: