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Syllabus Review

Syllabus review

Every ICaP syllabus is reviewed by a team of ICaP instructors, staff, and administrators from the Department of English.

Here is the ICaP syllabus checklist for Spring 2023. (And for reference, the Fall 2022 checklist.)

syllabus template (last modified Fall 2021) is also available. The template includes examples of policies and language you might want to use or adapt for your own syllabus and has been updated for accessibility. Your syllabus does not have to be in this form; this is only for informational purposes (and for those who’d prefer a template). Thank you to Linda Haynes for putting the syllabus together and to Victoria Braegger for updating the syllabus for accessibility. 

We have a repository of readings, activities, assignments, and syllabi for the syllabus themes. Links to the repository are also available on the ICaP Program Materials course in Brightspace. 

We’re using the ICaP Program Materials course in Brightspace to submit syllabi. If you are teaching for ICaP, you will be added as a learner to this course. Please submit your syllabus with a completed checklist for semesterly syllabus review.

  1. We prefer .docx, .doc, or .odt to facilitate review, but .pdf is okay as well.

  2. Please use a filename which begins with your lastname and first initial. Include your course number. e.g. “kanej-106-fall-2021.docx”.

  3. If your syllabus and calendar are separate, no need to merge them. Just upload each file.

  4. If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and the syllabus is the same, please just upload one copy. If the syllabus is different between sections, please upload each unique syllabus.

  5. If you have more than three files, please compress the files into a Zip archive and upload them all at once.

  6. Please use the comments field as needed.

Questions? Contact us.