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Study Abroad Course Equivalencies

Use the search box below to search for study abroad courses and programs.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the courses in this database are from what we have approved for students in the past. It is NOT a definite list of the courses that are available to you. Course offerings change often, so there may be more courses you can take, or some courses may no longer be available. Please browse through the course offerings of any study abroad program you are interested in on the program's website. 

Please note that universities abroad use different course credit systems. Many times a course taught abroad might not equal to 3 US credit courses. While browsing through the database you may see two courses taught abroad being combined together to equal a 3 credit course in the format of Course title + Course title. Please pay attention to this when browsing! 

If you find a course that you are interested in that is not listed in this database please email Kyle Everman, Study Abroad Specialist for CLA at with a course approval form, linked here