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Offer Letters

Offer letters serve as contracts. Some language must be used verbatim as provided; these parts of the text are highlighted in yellow in the templates. Black and red text indicates suggested template language. Red identifies special situations/or alternative solutions to a decision point. Black should address the majority of “standard” offers. Sections that are irrelevant to a particular offer – i.e., FY language for an AY appointment – can be deleted. Please use only these templates for your offer letters.

For offer letters (excluding offer letters for A/P staff) please add the following signature block between employee acceptance and signature block for Provost approval:

        Approval recommended:


        David A. Reingold, Dean

        College of Liberal Arts

Please send all offer letters to the CLA employment center for review. When you send the offer letter to the payroll center for approval, please indicate "citizenship status" in the e-mail. The CLA Employment Center will critique the offer letter and will send back for any needed changes. For student offer letters, the employment center will approve a completed template but the individual offer letters should be approved by the business managers.

Provost Offer Letter Templates

Offer Letter Templates

Courtesy Faculty