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Marybeth Lyles Higuera


BS 1959, Speech/ Language/ Hearing Science 

Marybeth Lyles Higuera comes from a long line of Purdue graduates. This is part of the reason she decided to leave California to study Audiology and Speech Pathology in the Midwest. After graduating from Purdue she returned to California with her first husband where she began working in the public school system as a speech pathologist. When the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) decided to use a master’s degree as the entry level degree for the private practice of speech – language pathology they offered to “grandfather” Marybeth in with her bachelor’s degree. Instead of accepting their offer, Marybeth went back to school to earn a master’s degree in audiology – all while raising a family. After obtaining her master’s, Marybeth began a private practice, which provided her the flexibility to be involved with her family and community.

After her speech pathology career, Marybeth switched careers to focus on travel which led her to meeting her current husband, Joe. After marrying, the couple traveled the world and became semi-professional poker players. As a retiree, Marybeth continues to enjoy traveling to see her and Joe’s nine children who live throughout the country.