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Spanish Language Courses Fall 2024



In addition to the Spanish 101-102-105, 201-202/224, 301-302, and 401-402 language series, we are offering the following courses:

SPAN 112, 212, 312, and 412 Conversation Courses
These one-credit courses are designed to help students become more comfortable with their Spanish conversation skills through practice in a smaller group than in the classroom setting.

SPAN 224 Spanish Level IV: Business Spanish
This course is a fourth semester course and is equivalent to SPAN 202 in all Spanish plans of study. 
Instructor: Cabrera de Morales, Blanca

SPAN 235 Latin American Short Stories
Reading and discussion of selected masterpieces of Spanish American literature. The course context will change from semester to semester. Knowledge of Spanish not required.
Instrictor: Prof. No, Song

SPAN 241 Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
Reading and discussion of selected poetry, prose, and theater from Spain and Spanish-speaking America; introduction to critical discourse and basic concepts of literary theory. Text, discussion, and written assignments in Spanish.

SPAN 305 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
This course is intended for the student whose home language is Spanish, but whose education has been exclusively in English. The students will first learn to read and write their native dialects and then the standard language using the orthographic norms of the standard language.
Instructor: Gomez Alzate, Edier

SPAN 321 Introduction to Spanish for the Profession
The course will focus on engaging students in real-world scenarios (such as role-play, individualized vocabulary, projects, presentations, etc.) and relevant contexts that will be useful for success in careers in all professional fields. Topics include health & wellness, consumerism & marketing, information technology, education & experience, human resources, and others. 
Instructor: Tenorio, Cecilia 

SPAN 322 Spanish for the Health Professions
This course will prepare students to communicate effectively in their professional field through the study of specialized vocabulary from the health sciences. They will have the opportunity to apply their skills in a practical classroom setting as well as discuss cultural, legal, and ethical considerations about the use of Spanish in their interaction with Spanish speakers.
Instructor: Tenorio, Cecilia 

SPAN 323 Humanities- Informed Engineering Technology 
The main goal of this course is to encourage students to think like global engineers by focusing curricular activities on engineering case studies from a humanistic-engineering perspective. The case studies examined in the course may include past, present, and hypothetical engineering successes and failures; analyses will require engineering skills combined with understanding of cultural perspectives of local communities and cultural context (i.e., sociological, anthropological, and historical information and analyses that contribute to cultural understanding). This humanities-infused approach will encourage students to develop a new mindset--a way of seeing current and hypothetical engineering plans, projects, and impacts through local communities' pasts and presents, unique values, perspectives, and daily ways of life. Taught in Spanish.
Instructor: Rios-Rojas, Gabriel 

SPAN 325 Spanish for Engineering and Technology
Intermediate level course directed towards the use of Spanish in the Engineering and Technology professions. It covers specialized vocabulary from the technical fields, as well as communication and culture with the goal of preparing students for an intercultural working environment. Students will further develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. They will have the opportunity to apply their skills in practical contexts and discuss cultural considerations, as well as meet professionals from Spanish-speaking countries. 
Instructor: Rios-Rojas, Gabriel

SPAN 341 Hispanic Literature I: Poetry and Drama
Reading of selected poetic and dramatic texts from Spain and Spanish-speaking America in their historical and cultural contexts. Readings, discussion, and papers in Spanish.
Instructor: Prof. Dixon, Paul.

SPAN 361 The Structure of Spanish I: Phonetixs and Phonology
Linguistic analysis of Spanish phonology, phonetics, and dialectology. Selected topics within the areas of Spanish sociolinguistics and language acquisition. Each of these topics will be approached from a contrastive Spanish/English perspective. One session per week devoted to pronunciation improvement.
Instructor: Prof. Olson, Daniel J.

SPAN 398 Spanish in the US 
Studies of particular aspects of Spanish (e.g., culture, civilization, literature, linguistics, film, art, politics, etc.) by examining a varied selection of works. Readings, discussions, and papers in Spanish.
Instructor: Prof. Czerwionka, Lori

SPAN 415 Spanish Translation and Interpreting
Introduction to the Translation and Interpretation Studies field for Spanish speakers. High level of competence in Spanish required. Overview of translation theory, methodology, and practice both in class and in real settings. Includes a service learning component. Conducted in English and Spanish.
Instructor: Cecilia Tenorio

SPAN 419 Service Learning
SPAN 419 is a Spanish Service-learning based course and is an extension of the program entitled Ayuda y Aprende.  It is worth one credit and hours must be arranged with the coordinator no later than the first or second week of classes during the semester.  Students must have at least one semester of SPAN 301 or 302 and must have participated in Service-learning (Ayuda y Aprende) for at least one semester prior.  Successful completion of the course includes carrying out the service-learning commitment of 2-hour visits to an assigned partnership for 10 weeks (20 hours per semester).  In addition to the 20 hours of volunteer time, students must choose an independent study project to be completed during the 10 weeks of service-learning and turn it into the coordinator at the assigned time.   SPAN 419 is an independent-study course worth 1 credit, which does not count toward the Spanish major/minor and is graded P/NP.
Instructor: Kely Páez Urbano

SPAN 419 Directed Tutoring
It is a guided practicum in tutoring peers in Spanish.  As an independent-study course (worth 1 or 2 credits), it does not count towards a major or a minor in Spanish.  The hours (two per credit) must be arranged with the course coordinator no later than the second week of classes.  The program runs from week 3 through Dead Week.  Students may not enroll for more than 2 credits or more than twice.  Prospective candidates must have completed Spanish 301 or 302 and are selected based on an interview in Spanish with the coordinator.
Instructor: Tatiana Elistratova

SPAN 424 Business Spanish
The objective of the course is to better prepare the students to meet the challenge of a future global economy and international cooperation. After this course, the students will have acquired a functional use of Spanish in the world of business from a Hispanic cultural perspective and will have developed conceptual and perceptual knowledge about certain areas of international business. Course offered distance learning only.
Instructor: Blanca Cabrera

SPAN 480 Spanish Civilization 
The study of modern Spanish life, with special emphasis on social institutions and customs. Lectures in Spanish.
Instructor: Prof. Kim, Yonsoo

SPAN 482 Latin American Civilization   
Outline of Latin American history; the cultural heritage from Spain and from the pre-Spanish civilizations; the intellectual, social, and cultural progress of the Latin American countries. Lectures in Spanish.
Instructor: Prof. Kinnally, Cara

SPAN 485 Food and Culture Hispanish World
Advanced-level language and culture course about food culture in the Spanish-speaking world. It covers gastronomy, celebrations, history, art, mythology, and other aspects of daily life related to the culinary traditions of the Hispanic countries. Students will further develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities in Spanish. They will have the opportunity to apply their skills in practical contexts and discuss cultural considerations, as well as participate in some hands-on cooking experience.
Instructor: Tenorio, Cecilia

SPAN 519 Teaching College Spanish 
A course designed to provide a forum for ideas connecting theory and research to teaching practice. Explores issues related to how learning and teaching can be enhanced and presents practical ideas that can be implemented in the classroom. Permission of instructor required.
Instructor: Prof. Neary-Sundquist, Colleen

SPAN 540 Spanish Literature in the Middle Ages
A survey of Spanish Literature from 11th to the 15th century through the reading and discussion of representative prose, dramatic and poetic works. Lectures and supplemental readings on literary criticism and on various aspects of the period useful to an understanding of the literature it produced. Permission of instructor required. 
Instructor: Prof. Kim, Yonsoo

SPAN 590 Directed Reading in Spanish 
Instructor: TBD

SPAN 596 Fundamentals of Morphology 
Instructor: TBD

SPAN 596 Intro to Corpus Linguistics 
Instructor: TBD

SPAN 630 Bibliography and Literary Criticism

SPAN 659 Borders and Borderlands

SPAN 679 Classroom SLA

SPAN 69800 Research MA Thesis

SPAN 69800 Research Ph.D. Thesis