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Careers for Classics Majors

This highly valued unique training in the Classics prepares our students for an unusually wide variety of careers.

The University of Tennessee Career Services offers specific advice on preparing for the future and a helpful view of how a major in Classics can build better careers in diverse fields such as the arts, business, communications, education, government, law, non-profits, and medicine.

If you wish to continue work in Classics, classical archaeology, or ancient history at the Graduate level, please meet with a Classics faculty member early in your Purdue career, so a suitable plan of study may be created for you. It is recommended that Latin and Greek are studied beyond the minimum required level for completion of the Classical Languages track.

For information about careers in middle and high school teaching, please visit the  American Classical League and Society for Classical Studies websites.

For more information, questions, or to visit the College of Liberal Arts, contact the College of Liberal Arts Student Recruitment Office at 765-494-6291 or email  .