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Minor in Chinese Language & Literature

Chinese Minor plan of study

Before undertaking this minor, the student must establish proficiency equivalent to Chinese Level IV. Proficiency may be established by taking and passing CHNS 20200/20700/22400, by examination, or by other evidence acceptable to the Department. Courses taken within the minor must have an average grade of "B" (3.0/4) or above. No course with a grade lower than "C" may count toward this minor.

Requirements for the Minor: Credit Hours
A. Two of the following courses in the Chinese language 6

3__30100 Chinese Level V
3__30200 Chinese Level VI
3__40100 Chinese Level VII
3__40200 Chinese Level VIII

B. One of the following courses in Chinese literature 3

3__24100 Introduction to the Study of Chinese Literature
3__28000 Topics in Chinese Civilization and Culture

C. Chinese electives 6

Six hours chosen by the student from Chinese courses at the 30000-, 40000-, or 50000-level, except courses numbered 33000-33900, 43000-43900, or 53000-53900

Total required for the Minor 15