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Major in Chinese Studies

Chinese Major plan of study

The Chinese Studies major offers academically rigorous courses in Chinese language, history, literature, culture, religion and film studies. Students will acquire the general literacy and appreciation of the richness and variety of traditional and modern Chinese studies in its broadest sense. They will also gain a deep understanding from reading and pondering the issues presented in the carefully selected materials regarding all the above areas.  The goal of this major is to provide opportunities to Purdue students to study in depth about China and Chinese-speaking regions and develop their academic skills and qualifications for careers related to China. Courses in the Chinese Studies major form broad perspectives to provide students with the experience that is fundamental to multicultural education and interdisciplinary studies.

Requirements for the Major: Credit Hours
A. The following courses in Chinese language

3__30100 Chinese Level V
3__30200 Chinese Level VI
3__31300 Chinese Reading & Writing
3__40100 Chinese Level VII
3__40200 Chinese Level VIII

B. Two of the following courses in Chinese culture

3__28000 Topics in Chinese Civilization and Culture
3__28100 Introduction to Chinese Food Culture
3__28500 Chinese Calligraphy
3__49000 Special Topics in Chinese language

C. Two of the following courses in Chinese literature and film

3__24100 Introduction to the study of Chinese Literature
3__33000 Introduction to Chinese cinema
3__34100 Chinese literature I: Traditional Chinese Literature
3__34200 Chinese Literature II: Modern Chinese Literature
3__59400 Special Topics in Chinese Literature
3__23500 LC East Asian Literature in translation

D. Electives 6

HIST 33900 - Traditional China

HIST 34000 - Modern China (satisfies Humanities for core)

HIST 43900 - Communist China 

AD 39100 - History Of Chinese Art or

LC 49000 - Special Topics In Foreign Languages And Literatures

REL 23000 - Religions Of The East (satisfies Humanities for core) 

Total required for the Major 33