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Purdue music lecturer selected as winning composer in RMN Classical contest

Allen McCulloughDr. Allen McCullough, Lecturer in Music at Purdue University’s Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance, was selected as a winning composer for the “Call for Piano Works 2021” contest by RMN Classical. Dr. McCullough’s piece, “Preludes 2, 3, 4,” will be performed by David Henry and featured on the album Modern Music for Piano 4.

The contest, which seeks to promote the composers of tomorrow who may otherwise remain under the radar, saw many entries from across the globe. Dr. McCullough was one of nine winners selected.

Modern Music for Piano 4 is set to be released on all major platforms later this year and will be included in the Sound and Music Archive of the British Library.

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February 2022