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Undergraduate Program

Students in the Art Education program take a wide variety of studio courses designed to increase their knowledge and skills in making art in its many forms. They also begin a number of course cycles focused on education and methods of instruction for art education programs in public schools. Courses from the university core and the liberal arts core are taken in order to provide a broad well-rounded educational foundation for entering the teaching profession. 

Freshman & Sophomore Years

During their freshman year, Art Education students take foundation courses in art and design and courses for the liberal arts core curriculum. They also begin their first course in the art education pedagogy cycle. Additionally, they begin the College of Education instructional block course sequence. These courses are designed to introduce students to the broader field of general education and prepare them to engage in increasingly complex knowledge and skills art educators need for instruction in art classrooms.

Sophomores in Art Education continue taking courses in the Liberal Arts and University Core curriculum and in various fine arts studio content courses. They begin a cycle of courses in art history and continue taking courses in the art education pedagogical cycle. 

Art Education at Purdue

Junior & Senior Year

Junior year in the major includes studies in art education methods courses focused on teaching at the elementary and middle school levels, as well as completing a number of courses in the College of Education designed to provide knowledge and skills in the uses of technology in the classroom for instructional purposes. Students continue taking courses to complete the College of Liberal Arts and University Core.

During their senior year, Art Education students complete studio requirements in Art Education professional pedagogy courses. They complete all College of Liberal Arts and University Core course requirements and they complete their senior year by doing student teaching at both the elementary and secondary levels. 

Art Education at Purdue

Complementary Minor

Students in Art Education have the option to pursue minors in selected areas of the Studio Arts and Technology program. Many students choose a minor in Art History. Learning in areas of chosen minors often reflect students’ specific interests in one or more of the related disciplines of the studio arts or in designated periods in the history of art.