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Teaching. Creativity. Visual Arts.

Students in Purdue's Art Education program develop a broad understanding of the visual arts, and the desire to communicate this understanding to others. The program provides a solid foundation in liberal arts skills as well as specialized skills in studio arts, curriculum planning, teaching strategies, and verbal communication.

Art Education students take studio courses in a wide range of fine arts areas in order to gain knowledge and skills used by artists in each of those areas. They refine their skills as artists and learn how to creatively express themselves with a full array of art materials and processes. Graduates use this knowledge in their future teaching and careers as teachers and artists. 

Course work provides a balance between the theoretical and practical needs of prospective teachers. Throughout the program under the supervision of art education faculty members, students receive practicum experiences by observing in the public schools.

The art education degree meets both state and national certification standards and is accredited by four national accrediting agencies.

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Career Opportunities

The Art Education program attracts students with a strong interest in art and a desire to work with people. Graduates often choose to become art teachers in public and private institutions such as elementary and secondary schools, charter schools, private schools, day care centers, hospitals, museums, retirement communities, juvenile detention centers, prisons, community arts centers, and other institutional settings.


The Art Education program is housed in a new modern well-equipped facility. Dedicated classroom spaces and studio spaces are designed to meet the changing needs of art educators and artists. Classrooms are equipped with new technology and ample instructional resources used by today’s art educators in their classrooms. 

Art Education at Purdue

Art Education at Purdue