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Theatre BA - Design and Production Concentration


She Kills MonstersThe Design and Production Concentration in the Theatre Major - BA at Purdue offers the best of two worlds: students gain the benefits of a broad, liberal arts based education in all aspects of theatre, along with specified training in an area or combination of areas in design and production.

The Design and Production Concentration provides training in the disciplines of theatre and entertainment design, technology, and management. Upon completion, students may opt to pursue careers in the theatre and entertainment industry, or related areas, or explore advanced training and/or graduate study.


In addition to coursework, students in the Design and Production Concentration at Purdue have several opportunities to work in one of the two theatres or performance laboratories, ranging from productions in the season directed by faculty and guest artists and to the Schrader Workshop series and student directing projects. Opportunities are available from the first semester across all years of undergraduate study.


The curriculum of the Design and Production Concentration builds on the foundations in text analysis and introductory classes in design and production to specialized courses in costumes, lighting, scenery, sound design, and management, as well as production related work. Students have the opportunity to focus on a specific area of design and production or to combine areas of their choice.

Requirements for Theatre BA - Design and Production Concentration

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