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Metaphysics and Epistemology


Michael Bergmann

Bergmann’s research in epistemology covers the following topics: internalism, externalism, foundationalism, infinitism, proper function, disagreement, epistemic circularity, defeaters, commonsensism, skepticism, evidentialism, phenomenal conservatism, epistemic intuition, memory, a priori belief, and experimental philosophy.


Jamin Asay   

"Much of my work focuses on the nature of truth and truthmaking, and their connection to other areas in philosophy. My first book, The Primitivist Theory of Truth, defends the view that truth is an undefinable primitive concept. My second book, A Theory of Truthmaking, defends my novel approach to truthmaker theory, which is also the subject of my third book, Truthmaking. I have also published on the topics of deflationary truth, moral realism, scientific realism, Tarski, modality, theories of ontological commitment, presentism, and the liar paradox. I am currently researching the role of truth in political speech, psychological development, and the Chinese philosophical tradition."


Michael Bergmann   

Bergmann’s research in metaphysics covers the following topics: free will, compatibilism, incompatibilism, agent causation, agent responsibility, presentism, actualism, and platonism.


Jeff Brower   

Brower research in metaphysics has focused on issues at the intersection of medieval and contemporary metaphysics--including the problem of universals, individuation, hylomorphism, material constitution, change, persistence, space, time, and motion.


Jan Cover