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The Purdue Peace Project

Because of You. Honoring our donor, Milt Lauenstein.


Declaration of the Legitimate Paramount Chief in Berekum, Ghana. See our Announcement here.

Our Mission: The Purdue Peace Project (PPP) encourages and assists local leaders to take constructive action to prevent violence in conflict-prone regions of the world. Where local groups already exist, PPP offers to assist them. Where such groups do not exist, PPP convenes local leaders and supports them to take action.

PPP seeks to contribute knowledge about preventing violence in fragile states and to disseminate that knowledge to the peace-building community and beyond. PPP will document its efforts, assess its effectiveness, and evaluate the results.

What We Do: PPP addresses situations in which violence appears to be imminent by empowering local leaders to take immediate action to prevent violence. PPP builds on the experience of local leaders in successfully preventing or ending armed conflict in their countries. Many small countries that have avoided armed conflict have made impressive political, economic, and social progress without significant outside help.

Where We Work: PPP’s first operations are in West Africa. It cooperates with local, regional, and international organizations working for peace in the region. The Project maintains impartiality with respect to conflicted parties, focusing only on preventing violence between them.

Selection of countries to assist is based on the seriousness of the threat of impending violence and PPP’s appraisal of the likelihood that it will be able to provide meaningful assistance.

For further information, please see this information sheet (English).  PROJET PAIX DE PURDUE (French)

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“Promoting Peace Through Local Action”