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Frequently Asked Questions

Degree in 3 aligns with Purdue’s commitment to value in higher education. It is a simple innovation that addresses the issue of cost. The level of cost savings depends upon an individual student’s circumstances. Degree in 3 offers students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in three years, entering a workforce and accelerating their earning power. The Degree in 3 suggested arrangement of courses provides an option to help students envision that academic path.

As a student, you will declare your intent to pursue a Degree in 3 major by the end of your freshman year in order to be assured of the opportunity to enroll in the classes you need to finish in three years. You should initiate a conversation with your academic advisor in time to enroll for summer courses after your freshman year. To complete the Degree in 3, you will take a full academic load for three years in addition to completing summer classes between the first and second and second and third years of study.

Yes. You are not required to complete the Degree in 3, even after declaring your intent to do so.

Yes. However your ability to complete the Degree in 3 may be impacted by a decision to do so late in your current plan of study. Talk with your academic advisor to see if Degree in 3 works for you.

The savings vary depending upon your personal situation including residency status, campus living situation, scholarships, AP credit, etc. Published tuition rates apply for all academic terms of study. You can see a general cost comparison here.

Incoming and continuing students can apply for scholarships. The College does not offer specific scholarships for students in Degree in 3 at this point in time. Individual academic units within the College may have scholarships available.

Most students should find the percentage of costs covered with grant money will be similar to that over four years of study. Federal loans will also be available for fall, spring, and summer terms. Keep in mind that while we can accelerate your awards, it does not change the aggregate maximums granted.

Students in the three year program will be able to use their University-level merit scholarship during the summer. The summer disbursements will count towards 8 semesters of eligibility. A student who attends this program will still be enrolled in 8 semesters when summers are counted.

Opportunities vary based upon your major. Study abroad programs range from one week, to Maymester, to semester, to full year. Please ask your academic advisor to learn more.

Micro-internships through the College's partnership with Parker Dewey and on-campus internships are available. An off-campus internship may be an option depending upon your specific course schedule.

A second major can be pursued, although it might not be possible to complete two majors in three years. Please consult with your academic advisor.

Yes, you can complete both a 3 year degree and the Honors College requirements.

You may select the residence option of your choice.

Yes. During your Purdue Orientation program, you'll work with an academic advisor who can help tailor your plan of study around your desired learning community. CLA has several learning communities to choose from.

Yes. Any credit granted by Purdue can be applied as it fits within your specific major's plan of study.