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Thomas Scholl Internship for Philosophy Students

The Thomas Scholl Internship for Philosophy Students is designed to increase the professional profile of majors in the Department of Philosophy by arranging an internship and providing a corresponding stipend.

The Scholl Internship supplements the existing Scholl and Daniels Scholarship programs by offering those scholarship recipients a choice of established internship opportunities coupled with financial assistance to enable pursuing the internship.

In the Spring Semester, the Department will make current Scholl and Daniels Scholars aware of the internship opportunities available for the coming summer.


Stipend Amount: Up to $4,500 during summer term, plus the cost of tuition for one credit hour of PHIL 415000, which must be taken before or during the Summer Term in which the scholarship is awarded.

Criteria for Eligibility:

This internship endowment is accompanied by The Thomas H. Scholl Scholarship for Philosophy Students and the Mitch E. Daniels, Jr Scholarship for Philosophy Students. Scholarship awardees must register for PHIL 41500 before or during the summer

of their internship. Internship opportunities will be presented during the Spring Semester, after the Scholl or Daniels scholars have completed two full semesters of scholarship funding.

To Apply:

Awarded to ongoing Scholl and Daniels scholars who meet the eligibility requirements for the endowment, as well as who continue to meet the eligibility requirements of their relevant scholarships.