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Chloe Edwards

Majors: Sociology, Developmental Family Sciences

Chloe Edwards

Hi! My name is Chloe Edwards. I am from Indianapolis and I studied Sociology and Developmental Family Sciences with a concentration in Family and Community Health.

Coming into Purdue, I was a Political Science major, but I wanted to change my major to something meaningful to me and my overarching educational goal, so I switched to Sociology. With my Sociology major, I am able to study the world, its people, and the problems people face! My overall goal is to be able to help low socioeconomic communities through achieving equal justice, so I knew Sociology would help me achieve that goal.

I learned the Purdue College of Liberal Arts had an amazing program where you can add a major from another college, so I added Developmental and Family Sciences from the College of Health and Human Sciences! This major allows me to focus on families in the aspect of health and their community. Both of my majors are crucial for my success, and Purdue has given me the outlet and platform to be able to pursue both studies!

Being a CLA student provided me with numerous opportunities and outstanding experiences. The small classes and the professors that want to build close relationships with you are what makes CLA the best! One of my favorite CLA courses is called Race and Ethnicity. This class, just like other CLA classes, challenges you to think outside the box and to be able to apply everything discussed to the real world! The class was so intriguing I was given the honor to become the teaching assistant the next semester. There are so many opportunities in CLA to research, be a teaching assistant, study abroad, and so much more. The opportunities are limitless.

Outside of schoolwork, I was involved in many student organizations, the main one being Jewels Inc.-Purdue. In this organization, we gave back to the community by mentoring young urban ladies in the community through training, social activism, and education. In addition, I sung in a choir, called the Black Voices of Inspiration. The choir has become a second family because of the love and support that comes from the organization! I was also the Purdue Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People treasurer and a Bible study leader in a Christian organization called the Impact Movement. Finally, I was a part of the PATH Street Team. Every week we went out into the Greater Lafayette community to find homeless people and camps to offer resources and guidance! There are so many opportunities to get involved here at Purdue!

My advice to you as you are making this tough decision is find out your values and goals and what is truly important to you. Once you figure that out, you will realize Purdue has all the resources and opportunities for you to reach every goal you set your mind to!