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Teaching Awards

The Antonia Syson Cornerstone Teaching Award

This award honors excellence in teaching and mentorship in Transformative Texts, SCLA 101 and 102 as well as SCLA 200, Cornerstones of Constitutional Law. The award recognizes instruction, guidance, creativity, and concern for students.  This award is dedicated to Antonia Syson, who in bringing transformative literature to students, transformed their lives. Antonia was instrumental as a founding Cornerstone faculty fellow to the development and success of Cornerstone. Thanks to her help, Cornerstone has become a model integrated Liberal Arts program, capable of reaching more students across campus and bringing with it, a love of learning and an appreciation of great texts. 

The Kenneth T. Kofmehl Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Dr. Kenneth T. Kofmehl (1920-2002), professor emeritus of political science had a distinguished career as an award-winning teacher while on the University faculty from 1957 until his retirement in 1990. In his memory, the Kofmehl Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award was established in 2003.  Eligibility for the award is restricted to the College of Liberal Arts half-time or greater tenure-track faculty who have taught in the College for at least three years.  A committee in each department in the College, appointed by the department head with the approval of the Dean of the College, will nominate a candidate from that department.  The departmental committee’s nomination will be made on the basis of teaching service, student ratings, student and faculty nominations, integration of teaching and scholarship as it relates to the faculty member’s educational mission, and efforts to assist and motivate students outside the classroom. 

The Liberal Arts Awards for Educational Excellence

The Liberal Arts Award for Educational Excellence is presented annually to an outstanding educator in the Purdue University College of Liberal Arts.  In addition, the Liberal Arts Departmental Award for Educational Excellence is given to up to three candidates from among the nominees for the Liberal Arts Award.  All awards, chosen by the Liberal Arts Educational Excellence Awards Committee and the Dean, are made on the basis of student and faculty nominations, student ratings, teaching and scholarly excellence, and peer evaluation.

Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship Awards Program

The Classes of 1944 and 1945 have provided resources to establish a Teaching for Tomorrow Award to foster continued excellence of teaching and learning on our campus, and to facilitate the development of the teaching potential of the faculty.  Annually, these awards will recognize the demonstrated talents for teaching of up to twelve assistant professors or recently promoted associate professors (TfT Fellows), and they will recognize up to three senior faculty for their long-term contributions to teaching at the University.

The Teaching Academy Fellows

The mission of the Teaching Academy is to enhance and strengthen the quality of teaching and learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to provide leadership for outreach efforts to improve K-12 education. The Teaching Academy therefore seeks nominations for admission to the Academy of individuals who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship of teaching and learning in undergraduate or graduate courses or for outreach to the community.

The Purdue University Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

The purpose of the Murphy Awards is to honor faculty members for outstanding undergraduate teaching on the West Lafayette campus. Outstanding undergraduate teachers demonstrate superior ability in communicating the chosen material to the students and stimulate their desire to master the material. Outstanding teachers also recognize that their teaching responsibility to students does not stop at the classroom door, and therefore, will be ready to aid and motivate students in a counseling and advisory capacity, either formally or informally. Awards will be presented to each recipient at the University Faculty Awards Convocation.