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Learning Outcome Worksheet

Course learning outcomes are now required by the registrar UNLESS they are already in the online catalog. This means that for ALL new courses, as well as any course revisions of courses that don’t have existing learning outcomes posted in the online catalog, learning outcomes must be submitted.

This worksheet provides guidance on what learning outcomes should look like and how you can compose them. These guidelines, of course, are not the only right way to write learning outcomes—best practices generally don’t include the verbs “know” and “understand,” but if you want to use an active verb that doesn’t appear on the list of suggested verbs, go right ahead.

The CLA curriculum committee will look for learning outcomes that generally follow the recommendations on the learning outcomes worksheet, but there is certainly room for flexibility as long as outcomes make clear what students will be able to do at the end of a course. If you are revising a course and are unsure whether or not it already has learning outcomes, you can use the mypurdue tool to go to the online course catalog and find out.

The Learning Outcome Worksheet can be found here.