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CLA Staff Development Fund

The College of Liberal Arts Staff Professional Development Fund was established in 1994 to provide financial support to staff in the College of Liberal Arts for professional development activities.  

The goal of this program is to assist Liberal Arts staff to develop skills that will help them to perform their current duties more effectively, enrich their experiences, and prepare them for advancement at Purdue. Staff members are eligible to receive up to $500 per fiscal year to use for professional development from this program. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Employed with the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) in a benefits eligible staff position for six months or longer.
  • Staff members in the following career streams: Support (S), Professional (P), and Management (M).
  • Must be in good standing. May not have received a formal written warning within six months of seeking approval and/or at any time after approval has been granted and before the professional development activity is completed.
  • Must be considered actively employed and/or on payroll at the completion of the professional development activity.
  • Only one proposal per staff member will be funded in a fiscal year.

 Approved Professional Development:

  • Funds requested may be used to defray costs associated with attending professional meetings or seminars, to participate in workshops, or to enroll in professionally oriented courses related to employment responsibilities. 
  • Approval will not be granted in instances where other University benefits are applicable. This program cannot be used to defray costs associated with Purdue Global.
  • Approval for all professional development will be dependent on pertinence to current position and/or future needs of CLA. The following factors will be considered when evaluating requests:
    • Nature and purpose of the activity.
    • Benefits derived by the employee and CLA.
    • Estimated total cost.
    • Length of time to complete.
    • Funds available.

Award Amount:

  • The program maximum contribution, each fiscal year, is $500 per staff member.

Application Process:

  • Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year but should typically be submitted at least one month prior to the opportunity for which support is requested. While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, approval is subject to funds availability.
  • Staff members interested in pursuing professional development opportunities should first discuss their interest with their supervisor and department head.
  • After the initial conversation, they should secure written approval from their department using the Staff Professional Development Fund Department Approval Form.
  • Once the staff member receives approval from their supervisor and department head, they can complete the CLA Staff Professional Development Fund Application.
  • Applicants will be notified via email regarding approval and/or denial.

Questions?  Contact Tera Bivins, CLA Senior HRBP at