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Lori A Czerwionka

Lori A Czerwionka

Associate Professor // Spanish and Portuguese // SLC

Associate Professor // Linguistics // SIS

Associate Professor // Latin American Studies // SIS

Associate Professor // SLC

Associate Professor // SIS

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: SC 168

Office hours: By appointment


Phone: (765) 496-6046


My research interests lie broadly in pragmatics, discourse, and second language acquisition. Current research projects address mitigation and the use of discourse markers by native and non-native speakers of Spanish, acquisition of pragmatic norms, and intercultural communication. Recent work explores the impact of short-term study abroad on pragmatic learning and intercultural communicative competence.


Select publications include:

Czerwionka, L. (2020). Mitigation in Spanish Pragmatics Research. In D. Koike & C. Félix-Brasdefer, The Routledge handbook on Spanish pragmatics. London: Routledge.

Gondra, A. and Czerwionka, L. (2018) Intercultural knowledge development during a short-term study abroad in the Basque Country: A focus on cultural diversity. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 30(3), 119–146.

Czerwionka, L. & Cuza, A. (2017). A pragmatic analysis of L2 Spanish requests: Acquisition in three situational contexts during short-term study abroad, Intercultural Pragmatics, 14(3), 391–419.

Czerwionka, L. & Cuza, A. (2017). The L2 acquisition of Spanish service industry requests in an immersion context. Hispania, 100(2),  239–260.

Yelin, B. & Czerwionka, L. (2017). Capaz and quizás in Argentine Spanish: Epistemic adverbs with mood variability. Hispania. 100(1), 30–46.

Czerwionka, L., Artamonova, T. & Barbosa, M. (2015). Intercultural knowledge growth: Evidence from student interviews during a short-term study abroad. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 49, 80-99.

Czerwionka, L. (2014). Participant perspectives on mitigation: The impact of imposition and certainty. Journal of Pragmatics, 67, 112-130.

Czerwionka, L. (2012). Mitigation: The combined effects of imposition and certitude. Journal of Pragmatics, 44, 1163-1182.