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Eric Siebenaler


BA 2002, Industrial Design

Design Manager, Hasbro, Inc.
Providence, RI

After graduating Purdue Eric Siebenaler, a South Bend, Indiana native, was called to a career in Toy Design (after years of being a passive toy collector). During his time with Hasbro, he worked on TransformersStar Wars, and is now a design manager for the Littlest Pet Shop brand.

Over the years, Siebenaler had the pleasure of working with inspirational creatives, as well as business and engineering minded folks in the toy and entertainment industries. He also has experience in the creative process on six animated series, and three feature films.

It’s been a very educational experience learning the things that make kids of all ages/genders tick… to learn why they like toys, and what toys can do to help them enjoy life more. Siebenaler’s personal philosophy is that while life can be quite complicated, he strives to create things that connect with people on a personal level and help them find simple enjoyment, something pure, or something inspirational if only for a few moments at a time.  He likes to help people remember how to dream and have fun.

Siebenaler is also a husband and father. Kristin, his wife of five years, and two-year old son, Landon, have been a huge inspiration in his life and continue to help him grow as a person and as a designer. With his family’s support, Siebenaler’s creative drive and desire for the scope of his work to mean something more has taken him in unexpected directions, and will continue to do so in the future.