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Lui-Tan Kwan Siu


BA 1972, Speech

Founder/Director of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy (Singapore)

Kwan is an entrepreneur, educator and the founder of numerous companies, education institution and well known brands of products. She is married to Leon Lui another Boilermaker, they have a son and a daughter and six grandchildren. Kwan was born in Myanmar and lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, and USA before settling down in Singapore, where she now resides. She was a national swimmer in Myanmar and represented Hong Kong and Thailand at South East Asia Games and Asian Games. After completing her Master’s Degree in Communication & Development, she initially planned to pursue a career as a social researcher on national development initiatives.

Her original path took a turn when in 1982 she began her entrepreneurial journey with food products marketed to over twenty countries. In 2001, Kwan founded At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy with present annual enrollment of 2500 students from 34 countries and international degree partnerships. At-Sunrice was awarded a Singapore National Continuing Education & Training (CET) Institute status and has been awarded Best Private Education Institution in Culinary Arts in Singapore since 2016. Her current focus is on Sustainability With No Waste, specifically on R&D in Note- by-Note compounds and is collaborating with various scientists in France and Singapore. She is also exploring use of AI to design a new blended teaching and learning culinary pedagogy combining digital media, mastercraft hands on and peer to peer learning.

Kwan is a recipient of two World Gourmet Summit Lifetime Achievement Awards, in 2006 and in 2012. She has served on the Corporation Trustees Board of Johnson & Wales University, Advisory Committees of the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

She currently serves as Board member of Spectra Secondary School for Special Needs students, External Advisory Board of Rutgers University Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health and Vice Chair of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra Ladies League.