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Jeffrey Bulington


BA 1989, MA 1991, Philosophy
MAT 1995, Elementary Education
PhD 2012, Curriculum & Instruction

Chess Coach and Educator

Jeff Bulington grew up on the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio and in rural Monon, Indiana. He learned to move the chess pieces from his first grade teacher in 1972, but was introduced to tournament chess by a local farmer after moving to Indiana as a junior high student. He founded his school’s first chess club.

He earned a BA and MA in philosophy at Purdue University. He also has a Master of Arts in Teaching and a PhD in curriculum studies from the Purdue University College of Education.

He worked as a public school chess teacher in Memphis, Tennessee. He is currently the executive director and lead teacher of the Southwest Mississippi Chess Foundation in Franklin County, Mississippi.

His work in Franklin County has been featured in Chess Life magazine and the television show 60 Minutes. He was recently named Chess Educator of the Year at the University of Texas Dallas.