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David Geeslin


BA 1989, Humanities & Social Sciences

David Geeslin is the Superintendent/CEO for Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis. The Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) is a fully accredited school for Deaf and hard of hearing students nursery school to high school. It provides services to approximately 342 enrolled students on campus and over 829 students through outreach services. About 60 percent of the students live at school during the academic year. Accordingly, the school offers a full range of social activities, including sports, clubs, and organizations.

Geeslin has served in different capacities at ISD including Educational Consultant, Supervising Teacher, Language Assessment Specialist, and American Sign Language Assessment Coordinator.

Geeslin started at Purdue in physics then changed to linguistics. While studying linguistics, Geeslin discovered a passion and interest he didn't realize he had. His BA in linguistics has served as a foundation for his work and his advanced degrees. Geeslin was the first deaf person to receive a doctoral degree from a university in Indiana (Indiana University 2007).

Geeslin enjoys reading, movies, smoking fish and meats, computer repair and maintenance, exercise, camping, and any activitive that allows him time with his wife of 20 years and two daughters.