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We host semi-regular open meetings for anyone interested in experiments to workshop a study idea, get feedback on a manuscript, or talk about miscellaneous opportunities related to experiments (e.g., what we can do in the lab, small grant opportunities, etc.). These are an informal, small group setting, so please consider dropping in even if you are at the very beginning stages of a study idea. Open meetings occur about once or twice a month.

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Spring 2023 Open Meetings

Wed. April 19 from 1:30 – 2:20pm

  • Reilly Kincaid (SOC PhD student & JMK Lab Manager).
    • Preliminary results from her dissertation study “Income, Hours, or Enjoyment: How Gender, Social Class, and Children’s Ages Shape What “Good” Parents are Expected to Prioritize”
  • Hanna Sistek (POL PhD student).
    • Idea for a new experiment on “Polarization Incentives for Disinformation: Experimental Evidence”

Thurs. May 4 from 12:00 – 1:00pm

  • Jay Targett (SOC & POL undergraduate student & JMK Lab RA).
    • Honor thesis experiment idea “Intersectional Inequalities in Hiring: The Effects of Gender and a Criminal Record”
  • Trent Mize (SOC Assoc Prof & JMK Lab Co-Director).
    • Preliminary results from survey experiment “Who is the Generalized Other? Determining Who Americans Think ‘Most People’ Are”