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Certificates programs provide students who major outside of the Department of Theatre with extensive specialized course work in acting or lighting, beyond that offered in a Theatre minor. 

Certificate in Acting: Communication through Performance

The Certificate in Acting provides students with a sequence of acting courses in order to improve their communication skills. Acting provides physical and creative outlets which differ from the intense intellectual demands of many majors.

Plan of Study for the Certificate in Acting

Requirements for the Certificate in Acting

Certificate in Lighting

The Certificate in Lighting provides students an opportunity to explore the rapidly developing field of theatrical lighting. It has a more specific plan of study than the Theatre minor, while not requiring the variety nor quantity of courses expected in the Theatre major. A certificate is the perfect path for non-majors who just want to develop their skills in lighting and have the recognition that the certificate conveys. 

Plan of Study for the Certificate in Lighting

Requirements for the Certificate in Lighting


Faculty Contact

For more information about the Certificate programs, contact:

Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies; Professor, Performance: Richard Stockton Rand
Associate Professor, Lighting: Michael McNamara