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Wall text, titles, and labels are important parts of your exhibition. The Purdue Galleries exhibition team can help you prepare vinyl titling and labeling for your exhibition.

The Purdue Galleries exhibition team can help you prepare a vinyl sign for your exhibition. Typically this includes the title of your exhibition and the artist name. You may also wish to include the exhibition dates or other relevant information. Meet with the Purdue Galleries exhibition team to arrange production of your sign.

Visitors appreciate having context, explanations, or other descriptive and didactic material to accompany the artwork on display. An artist statement is the most common text to include with your exhibition. Statements can be cut in vinyl lettering, or printed as a wall label. The Purdue Galleries exhibition team can assist with the production of your statement; discuss these options with them.

Wall labels provide descriptive information about the artwork on display in the gallery. The information you include in your label is up to you. In most instances, the labels will include the following information:

  • Artist's Name
  • Title of Work
  • Medium
  • Dimensions

Price or other relevant information may be included as well. Please choose a type face that is easy to read. Label text should be no smaller than 12 pt (larger preferred). The Purdue Galleries exhibition team can assist you in preparing your labels for your exhibition. Transparent labels and a template file are available for your use; inquire with the exhibition team.

The following links may assist you in preparing your wall labels.

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