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Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whitaker lives and works in New York. After the Rencontres D’Artes Discovery Awards 2012, her work was selected for the prestigious photography exhibition FOAM Talent (2014) that took place in Amsterdam, Paris and Dubai. She’s represented by M+B Gallery, Los Angeles, and Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris. Solo exhibitions include Thierry Goldberg, New York and Locust Projects, Miami, along with group shows at Galerie Xippas, Paris and Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles. She recently published her first monograph, Peer to Peer, with Mörel Books and is featured in Charlotte Cotton anthology Photography is Magic.

Hannah Whitaker uses photographs as raw material for formal manipulation. Pushing representational elements to near or complete abstraction, the images cause the viewer to question subject and form. Her process utilizes both analogue and digital techniques, and the tension between these two realms is palpable in her work.

In the series presented here, natural elements are made unnatural through shifts in scale, cropping, and recontextualizing. Positive and negative forms are pushed back and forth into space, and new objects are constructed from photographic fragments. The result is a distortion of figure/ground relationships, and the viewer is left to contemplate ideas of presence and absence, and the very nature of materiality.

Hannah Whitaker's work appears courtesy the artist and M+B, Los Angeles.