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David Goldes: Art/Science

October 24 through December 4, 2005
Stewart Center Gallery

Images form David Goldes Images form David Goldes

Organized by the Wright State University Art Galleries (Dayton, Ohio),Art/Science will present the photographic work of Minneapolis artist and Guggenheim Fellow David Goldes. Goldes is a scientist turned artist whose work elegantly illustrates the physical properties of science.

Julie Conlon, Coordinator of Purdue University Department of Physics' PEARLS program (Physics Educational Assistance, Resources and Learning Strategies), has worked with Purdue Galleries to develop learning programs in connection with the exhibit. Conlon's ideas have been incorporated into on-site presentations in the gallery for visiting area K-12 classes.

The artist's first book, "Water Being Water," also accompanies the exhibit and features essays from prominent science and art writers Philip Ball and Vince Leo.