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Law and Conflict (LAC)

Founder and Director
Liana Eustacia Reyes

Liana Eustacia Reyes, JD, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Purdue University and the Founder and Director of LAC. Dr. Reyes’s work examines the relationship between law and conflict, with particular emphasis on the causes and consequences of rebel law, rebel governance, and conflict resolution. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods, including fieldwork and statistical analyses. Her research has been generously funded by the National Science Foundation, Rice University's Social Sciences Research Institute, the University of Pennsylvania's Office of the Vice Provost for Research, and Purdue University. It appears in journals such as the International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

Graduate Research Fellow
Mitushi Mukherjee, PhD Student in Political Science

Graduate Student Affiliates
Sky Kunkel, PhD Candidate in Political Science Sky the Academic

Undergraduate Student Researchers
Lauren Miranda Riina, Political Science and Global Studies
(Lead undergraduate researcher)

Magdalaine Isabella Davis, Political Science and Italian Studies

Leah Kerkhoff, Political Science and Spanish

Caleb Mills, Political Science and International Relations