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The Grindstone Podcast

Philosophy is an important academic subject, one we believe everyone should be exposed to and explore. But philosophy can also feel distant and abstract to many people. The Grindstone is an ‘armchair interviews with philosophers’ podcast that gets to know the people who study and teach philosophy, and tries to apply some of their wisdom to the world around us.

We let the conversations unfold in their own way, but we try to cover three topics with all of our guests:

  • the moment that set them on the path to study philosophy
  • their current area of research
  • and how that philosophical research can help us better understand some aspect of contemporary culture (e.g., technology; social justice and activism; morality; environmental issues; pop culture, etc.)
We also occasionally interview people who majored in philosophy and went on to careers in various industries outside of academia to ask them how their education in philosophy prepared them for and applies to their current work.

The conversations are informal, organic, and go where they go. We hope that they are informative and insightful. And we hope that you enjoy them. Thanks for listening!

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@GrindstonePod (Twitter)


The Grindstone was created, and is hosted, by Matthew Kroll, the Academic Program Manager in the Department of Philosophy at Purdue University. Caroline Cross, a philosophy major at Purdue, mixes, edits and produces the podcast. The intro and outro music is by Al Terity. Special thanks to Purdue philosophy alum Madison Maroney for voicing the intro and outro.

This podcast is supported by the Department of Philosophy and the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University.