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People of the Program

Meet Guo Xuechen


My name is Guo Xuechen. I am an international student from Henan Province, China. As a student in the M.A. Program in Philosophy for International Students at Purdue I am interested in Ancient Greek Philosophy, especially Aristotle’s Physics and Metaphysics. Furthermore, I have since also become interested in phenomenology and hermeneutics, especially in the works of Edith Stein, Martin Heidegger, and Hans-Georg Gadamer.

Meet Kuo Bian

photo of Kuo Bian

My name is Kuo Bian. I am from Kunming, a lovely city in southern China, where - unlike in the Midwest - there is spring all year round. After I graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago in Public Policy and Philosophy, I entered the M.A. Program in Philosophy for International Students at Purdue University to pursue my devotion of philosophy. Within my broader interests in philosophy, I particularly look forward to exploring the connection between modern political philosophy and epistemology. I am also interested in German Idealism and Ancient philosophy. My two main goals at Purdue are to enhance my philosophical literacy and prepare for my Ph.D. program application.

Meet Shinichi Inaba

photo of Shinichi Inaba

I am Shinichi Inaba from Tokyo, Japan. I am a student in the M.A. Program in Philosophy for International Students at Purdue University. My first master’s degree is in Sustainability from Hofstra University, and I am literally about to embark on another great journey at Purdue University. My research topic for the first two semesters will focus on how society could address inequality from an environmental standpoint. For instance, climate migration is an important topic: people living in particular areas are obliged to move to another location due to climate change. Yet, we are having few plans to achieve social inclusion. I assume a “veil of ignorance” (John Rawls) is at the heart of this. We need to find a way to ensure environmental justice, one that creates a new understanding of human beings’ role in coexisting with each other and other species.


Meet Zhang Tian

photo of Tian Zhang

My name is Zhang Tian. I come from Shanghai, China. I majored in Business Administration as an undergraduate. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Philosophy program for international students. After many years, I suddenly realized that PPE had become my dream subject, so I decided to study philosophy systematically and professionally, and I joined the Philosophy Department at Purdue University. I care about justice and equality. I am interested in political philosophy and ethics. I taught myself to paint in my 30s and had two solo exhibitions, and I studied taekwondo and earned my black belt in 2022. My life’s philosophy is that life is full of unique experiences, and it is never too late to begin realizing your dream. I enjoy cooking photography and hiking, and one day I hope to share my Chinese cuisine with you.

Meet Chen Yang

Intercultural Liaison for the Philosophy for International Students M.A. Program


I serve as the Intercultural Liaison for the M.A. Program in Philosophy for International Students helping international students find their way in their new academic home in Purdue’s Philosophy Department and in the greater campus community. International students are encouraged to contact me with any questions they may have before their arrival and during their first semester at Purdue at

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in philosophy. I majored in geochemistry in my undergraduate studies and then pursued a master's degree in philosophy at Warwick, England. Currently, I work with Purdue Philosophy Professor Christopher Yeomans on Hegel's concept of infinity and its possible interactions with mathematics, especially Cantor, Gödel, and Cohen's work on set theory.

Meet Dr. Gabriele Dillmann

Director of the Philosophy for International Students M.A. Program

Lecturer, English for Philosophy

In my capacity as program director and lecturer in the Philosophy MA program uniquely designed for international students, my mission is to help non-native English speakers realize their academic and professional goals while becoming productive members of the greater philosophical community. For most of our students, the MA serves as a stepping stone to a PhD program in Philosophy in a subject area they have been well prepared for during their advanced studies in our MA program. Our innovative program offers students exactly the courses and support that they need to succeed in the English-speaking – and thus international - world of philosophy. Please see my website for more information.


Previous Students

Jiusi Guo

photo of Jiusi Guo

Jiusi Guo shares the following about his time in the M.A. in Philosophy for International Students program:

I came to Purdue in the fall of 2020 after Purdue had offered me admission into the Philosophy for International Students M.A. Program. Due to COVID, my first year in the program was through remote teaching and learning. During the two years of M.A. studies here, I have methodically honed my English writing skills in a course specifically designed for non-native English speakers in Philosophy (Phil 571 and 572). My writing has since improved significantly and I was able to produce a high-quality writing sample and statement of purpose for my application package for a US-based Ph.D. program in Philosophy. Also, my regular Philosophy courses were excellent for my intellectual growth and my knowledge of philosophical theories and cultural practices specific to academia, and Philosophy in particular, in the US. Early this semester, Spring 2022, I accepted an admission offer from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where I will continue my graduate studies. Studying at Purdue proved to be a great option for me as it helped me carve out a successful path toward my ultimate goal: a Ph.D. in Philosophy that is portable within the United States and outside of it. I would like to express my deep appreciation to all of my professors for their support and guidance