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The editors of The Bell Tower are always looking forward to receiving the best work Purdue’s undergraduates have to offer. This is a unique chance for students to get published, as well as to contribute to the artistic community on campus. Purdue’s Student English Association is proud to be responsible for this publication, and we welcome any feedback or general inquiries from anyone in association with Purdue.

General Guidelines

September 15 – January 1 is our general reading period. Submissions sent at other times will go
unread. The Bell Tower is always looking for original fiction and poetry. 

Poetry manuscripts should contain one poem per page. Please do not submit more than three poems per reading period. The poet’s name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript. 

Fiction manuscripts should not be longer than fifteen pages. Each page must be numbered. Please do not submit more than three stories per reading period. The writer’s name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript.

Only undergraduate students registered for an academic term at Purdue University are eligible to submit.
No other submissions will be considered. 

To withdraw a submission, please contact our editors at

How to Submit

Please fill out the Purdue Bell Tower Submission Form to submit a manuscript to the journal. Your work must be uploaded as a PDF file.